Advisory Board

Dr. I. Glenn Cohen

J.D., B.A.

Harvard University

Prof. Cohen is one of the world’s leading experts on the intersection of bioethics (sometimes also called “medical ethics”) and the law, as well as health law. He also teaches civil procedure. From Seoul to Krakow to Vancouver, Professor Cohen has spoken at legal, medical, and industry conferences around the world and his work has appeared in or been covered on PBS, NPR, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, Mother Jones, the New York Times, the New Republic, the Boston Globe, and several other media venues.

He was the youngest professor on the faculty at Harvard Law School (tenured or untenured) both when he joined the faculty in 2008 (at age 29) and when he was tenured as a full professor in 2013 (at age 34).

He is the author of more than 70 articles and chapters and his award-winning work has appeared in leading legal (including the Stanford, Cornell, and Southern California Law Reviews), medical (including the New England Journal of Medicine, JAMA), bioethics (including the American Journal of Bioethics, the Hastings Center Report) and public health (the American Journal of Public Health) journals, as well as Op-Eds in the New York Times and Washington Post. Cohen is the editor of The Globalization of Health Care: Legal and Ethical Issues (Oxford University Press, 2013), the co-editor of Human Subjects Research Regulation: Perspectives on the Future (MIT Press, 2014, co-edited with Holly Lynch), and the author of Patients with Passports: Medical Tourism, Law, and Ethics (Oxford University Press, 2014), as well as four other books.

Dr. Isser Dubinsky

M.D., B.A.

University of Toronto

Dr. Dubinsky graduated from the University of Toronto with his M.D. in 1975, and obtained his certification in Emergency Medicine in the early 1980s. He served as the Chief of Emergency Medicine at North York General Hospital from 1986 to 1996, and subsequently at the University Health Network, from 1996 to 2001. He has volunteered PCEA (Presbyterian Church in East Africa), Special Olympics, Camp Shalom, Physicians for Human Rights, and Shatil.

Dr. Dubinsky’s areas of primary research interest are focused on the interaction of physicians with the health care “system” and health care system reform. They include revisiting the nature of the relationship between physicians and hospitals, primary care reform, best (evidence based) practice, integrated models of care delivery, cost effective and cost efficient health care, ensuring quality health care for underserviced and underprivileged populations, and clinical service model redesign.

Dr. Dubinsky has won several awards, including the Anna Jarvis Award and the PAIRO Award for excellence in teaching. He is married and has four children.

Dr. Clara Gonzalez

M.D., M.Sc.

National Autonomous University of Nicaragua, Managua

Dr. Gonzalez is a professor in Microbiology and Parasitology in the Faculty of Medical Sciences at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Nicaragua (UNAN), Managua since 1985. She has been part of several projects and initiatives to improve detection and treatment of infectious diseases, specially HPV and cervical cancer in Nicaragua.

Dr. Gonzalez is a physician specializing in obstetrics and gynecology (1992), obtaining a MSc Sexual and Reproductive Health at UNAN-Managua (1999). Her passion for improving the detection of cervical cancer led her to participate in some major research projects in partnership with UNAN, Managua and the University of Ghent, Belgium. In 2012, the research led to the integration of management of cervical neoplasia in the training curriculum of specialists in obstetrics and gynecology (O&G), general practitioners and nurses at the national level.

She is also known for teaching several generations of doctors, always supporting young scientists by supervising and providing training to hundreds of undergraduate, post graduate and other peer researchers.

Dr. Shu-Lin Liu

M.D., Ph.D., B.Sc.

Harbin Medical University

Dr. Shu-Lin Liu received his MD degree from Harbin Medical University, China, and his PhD from Gifu University, Japan. He has worked at University of Calgary (1990-2002), Canada, Peking University (2002-2009) and Harbin Medical University (since February, 2008). His main research interests are in bacterial and human genomics, with over a hundred original papers published in Journal of Bacteriology, Molecular Microbiology, Molecular Biology and Evolution, PLoS and BMC journals, PNAS, Oncotarget, etc., and books with publishers such as Humana, Science Press, and Caister Academic Press.

Dr. Liu has been supported by national grant agencies of Canada, including MRC, NSERC, CIHR, etc., and by national grant agencies of China, including Ministry of Education, and Natural Science Foundation of China. He reviews manuscripts for about thirty journals including Genome Research, Genome Biology, Nucleic Acids Research. He currently has a research team of over 30 people and has exchange programs and collaborative research with international colleagues in Canada, US, and other countries and regions.

Dr. Diane Wu

M.D., M.P.H

World Health Organization

Diane Wu is a Technical Officer with the World Health Organization Department of Ageing and Life Course.

She supports the management of strategic WHO partnerships, communications, and the development of new platforms to support innovation in healthy ageing. She has held prior responsibilities with the Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research, the University of Toronto, and Global Affairs Canada, in addition to prior work as a Senior Consultant for Strategy and Operations for Deloitte and as a research fellow with the Toronto Health Organization Performance Evaluation group, a multidisciplinary team of academics researching healthcare innovation in Canada. Diane is board certified in Family Medicine in Canada. She has worked in medicine, public health, and management consulting in China, Laos, Bosnia-Herzegovina, England, Switzerland, Canada, and the United States. She holds an MD from the University of British Columbia and an MPH from Harvard University.